Updated 2011 May
Updated 2002 September


You can download colorForth thanks to UltraTechnology.

Downloads are still available. But note that COLOR.COM can only run under DOS - not Windows. As you can see above, it's 9 years old and I no longer know how to run it. The current version is available at GreenArrays

This is the exact version I'm using, limited only in the amount of source code provided. It's a 63KB .COM program. You're welcome to use it as you please. But it's a powerful tool, so please be careful.

Current version has these improvements:

This version runs on a PC with: 32MB RAM, PCI or AGP graphics, VESA 117 display (1024x768, rgb 565). A floppy is needed for anything but a demo. There may be graphics it won't run with. And floppies it doesn't like.

You must start COLOR.COM under DOS. It is an operating system, and takes over the computer. You can then write a bootable floppy. Alternatively, Unix can copy COLOR.COM to a bootable floppy with cp or dd.


This is a reliable program.

By downloading, you agree that

I am not responsible for the consequences

First time


In case of difficulty

User guide

List of included applications, with brief instructions.

Programmer guide

Programming tips.


I've gotten feedback from a number of people. ColorForth runs on some platforms and doesn't run on others. I haven't discerned any pattern. You pretty much have to download and try it on yours.

I'd like to recommend a current desktop PC that can run colorForth as a dedicated platform. It should have a low price, minimal memory and no software. Gateway? Dell? Likewise a laptop. Any candidates?

How colorForth boots

How COLOR.COM works