GA32 32-computer Chip

The GA32 needs describing since it is the first of GreenArray's computers to be fabricated. The version being tested in June has only 31 computers. Node 00 was replaced with test circuits that will improve the accuracy of future simulations.

The chip measures 2.5 mm in a 180 nm process. That size was chosen because it minimizes the cost of prototypes. 88 pads border the chip and 32 computers fit inside.

Low power results from our computer (one node of an array) being asynchronous (unclocked). Spec sheets will be forthcoming. Meanwhile this list of features should prove impressive. Bill composed a handy poster with much info.

GA32 has 88 pads. It's package has 88 pins. Pins are numbered counter-clockwise from upper left

The 12 interior computers have the same ROM. They are used as wires to pass messages and as compute engines. The 20 edge computers are assigned nominal functions based upon their ROM and I/O pads. But they may be used differently: